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I am just seated with my family at my rented home at the outskirts of Nairobi when I overheard a local TV station interviewing the opposition leader, Hon. Raila Odinga, I put pen to paper each and every point that the politician was talking about and I really got some sense in it. Here are some of the highlights of some of the things that he answered, this is after a long day when the parliament was making amendments to election laws,
  • The first thing that he talks about is the illegality of what happened in the parliament the fateful day.
  • He was asked a question about how he would tackle corruption and he said that you must lead from the top when tackling a war on graft. That is the leaders require to be the ones leading the way. He added that every nation has some percentage of graft issues but the government of Kenya has not been able to tackle this in the right manner.
  • He added and said that when the commissioner responsible to carry out the investigation everyone in the area or office is a suspect until investigations have been carried out.
  • The interviewer asked Raila to clarify his corruption situation that was said to be happening in the counties, Raila says that that what he does is to give technical advice to counties and not issues with corruption.
  • He further affirmed that KPMG does not have the capacity to carry out audits.
  • He also claimed that he is not a master of double speak
  • He said that he and his team will not be involved in the next year (2017) general election since the results would be rigged through the introduction of the manual electoral vote method.
  • However, they will respect the ruling of the court
  • Raila said that he does not speak without thinking, in fact, he says that everything he says is well thought out and integrated.
  • According to the opposition leader, mass action is parallel a parallel action.
  • Raila has statistics relating to the roads that President Uhuru and his government have constructed, according to him the tarmac that the government talks of tarmacking is in their mind. He says that the road that has been tarmacked is less than 50kms.
  •  He lastly sums up everything with a joke affirming that “If Trump is my age mate and he was elected in a country that is 50 times bigger than Kenya, then this means so much to me.
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  1. hehe this is awesome, He thinks logically but he will lose it though

    1. True, his reasoning his high-class but the seat is reserved for the current government.However, let's wait and see, how it goes.


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